Our Story

How We Started

The idea for Gia Madeleine's Boutique began at an apartment in Jersey City during the Summer of 2020 at a time when everything felt uncertain. Founder, Giannina Madeleine Ruiz, decided to take the opportunity of having more time at home to create a company where she can inspire women to dress intentionally for the day even when that day meant simply staying at home.
The coronavirus pandemic took a lot from many people, but we cannot forget the importance of finding beauty in the day and finding meaning in everything we do. By wearing something that embraces your personality and makes you feel good, regardless of what you’re doing, you can begin feeling a bit more empowered over your current situation.
An outfit won't fix the larger issues we may face, but it can help with changing the narrative of how you view yourself. Sometimes your outer appearance can help shape your inner perspective. 

Our Mission

Gia Madeleine's Boutique aims to provide inspiration for women to be their most feminine, confident, and stylish self. Gia Madeleine's Boutique strives to empower the women to embrace their femininity and romanticize their everyday. This brand is for the woman who loves feeling put together regardless of the activity, whether it be lounging at home, running errands for the day, or meeting friends for brunch.  It’s about putting your best foot forward by wearing pieces that showcase your inner light no matter the occasion.
We hope that your experience shopping with us embodies everything we believe in from the time you browse our website to when you receive your package in the mail and wear your new clothing pieces.